ISO CASCO Liaison for EFCoCert


EFCoCert – European Foundation for Competence Certification – is since 2014 totally committed to develop and exploit as scheme owner ISO 17024 compliant competence certification schemes. Thus, it was evidence that EFCoCert should apply and commit to participate to the ISO 17024 further development. This is now official thanks the liaison status granted by CASCO to EFCoCert Foundation.

The ISO CASCO (Conformity Assessment Committee) is in charge of all the conformity assessment standards part of the ISO 17000 family. These standards set the requirements applicable for certification or conformity assessment bodies – so ISO 17024 for competence certification.

Dr Didier Blanc, EFCoCert President, already participated as Swiss expert to the former ISO 17024 revision. But now he will also represent officially EFCoCert Foundation thanks the accepted liaison status with ISO CASCO WG 23 in charge of ISO 17024. This is an important recognition of EFCoCert’s involvement in promoting ISO compliant competence certification in the framework of EU funded Erasmus+ projects.

EFCoCert’s representativity and unique expertise as competence certification scheme owner, already widely recognized within EU Erasmus+ projects, is now reinforced and confirmed at ISO CASCO level, which will benefit all EFCoCert’s schemes users.

For any question, suggestion or input about ISO 17024 compliant competence certification schemes within the context of Erasmus+, please contact directly This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr Didier BLANC, EFCoCert President