Erasmus+ 2021 priorities: 17 x competences & 14 x recognition


EFCoCert’s key expertise is about competence recognition & certification. “Competence” (to be developed) occurs 17 times in the new Erasmus+ priorities, and “Recognition” 14 times.

Attending training courses is not enough. Acquiring competences and letting them recognised is key.

Some extracts of the 2021 Erasmus+ priorities:

  • “recognition leading to micro-credentials”,
  • “recognition of voluntary and community work in students’ academic results”,
  • “recognition and validation of informal and non-formal learning on all levels”.

All typical examples of priorities calling for EFCoCert’s expertise, using open badge informal recognition ecosystems!

Are you planning for a project idea aiming to develop (environmental, digital, civic, …) competences? So, do not forget the recognition dimension - and do not hesitate to contact us for discussing how to address it.

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Dr Didier BLANC, EFCoCert President