15.06.2020 : Tremendous support for the EU WBL Mentor competence certification scheme


70+ participants from all around EU and Canada attended to the multiplier event organised remotely June 9th to disseminate key information about the EU WBL Mentor project.

In the framework of this project, EFCoCert did develop the ISO 17024 compliant EU WBL Mentor competence certification scheme. The poll questions submitted to the participants after Dr Didier BLANC, EFCoCert President, presented the scheme revealed a tremendous support.

 Short summary:

  • competence of the WBL Mentor is an issue their country for 96% participants,
  • national competence recognition framework for WBL Mentors exist for only 13% participants,
  • 100% see an interest and feasibility for an EU wide harmonised competence recognition
  • / certification framework for WBL Mentors,
  • 100% think the EU WBL Mentor certification scheme is relevant,
  • 60% are willing to apply to the scheme’s experts committee and to the pilot testing (35% maybe).,

The pilot testing of the certification will be run over the last 2020 quarter.

Interested to apply either to the pilot testing or as expert for commenting the scheme documents?

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr Didier BLANC, EFCoCert President