EFCoCert Foundation is dedicated to develop and operate remotely certification schemes, with a particular expertise within competence certification.

Within the "Transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications” Erasmus+ programme priority, the EFCoCert strategy is to:

  • develop and improve competence certification schemes enhancing mobility and internationalisation thanks automatic mutual recognition, as well as transparency and comparability of qualifications and learning outcomes,
  • innovate and revolutionize the certification with solutions based on open badges technologies for recognition of competences acquired through informal and non-formal learning,
  • partner with leading academic and private competence and recognition experts.














“The Swiss partner (i.e. EFCoCert & ViaSyst) is the only organization in Europe that develops European certifications schemes for persons that are ISO 17024 compliant.” Hungarian NA, 2017  

“The participation of Swiss organizations (i.e. EFCoCert & ViaSyst) provides real added value to the project because of the special skills and knowledge that these organizations have owned in the past and can ensure a significantly higher quality regarding the results of the proposal.” Hellenic NA, 2018

These are some of the comments of National Agencies highlighting the EFCoCert & ViaSyst unique & demonstrated know-how & experience for developing ISO 17024 compliant dematerialized EU competence certification schemes. 

Thus, the message is clear: EFCoCert & ViaSyst are the partners that any consortium aiming to develop and operate a competence certification scheme shall not miss.  

EFCoCert & ViaSyst tightly cooperate since 2013 within EU funded projects (6 to date, see Annexes), and ideally complete each other whereby:

  • EFCoCert Foundation ensures the development, sustainability and exploitation of competence certification schemes, through an ISO compliant standardisation process, and
  • ViaSyst SA is a private IT company whose core business is to design, develop & operate as SaaS (Software as a Service) dematerialized IT solutions dedicated to certification schemes.

EFCoCert & ViaSyst have experience & expertise relevant for the following ERASMUS+ programme:

  • ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership for vocational education and training
  • ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership – Exchange of good practices

EFCoCert & ViaSyst is the only dedicated partner tandem in Europe that has the necessary expertise & know-how for:

  • developing EU competence certification schemes that are ISO 17024 compliant,
  • operating and broadening the dissemination of these schemes in a scheme owner position, through affiliated certification bodies (CBs),
  • proposing a harmonised dematerialised exam, remotely available, consistent for all participating CBs,
  • developing & exploiting as a SaaS the necessary IT tools for consistent scheme implementation,
  • monitoring CBs’ performance and certification credibility & consistency through a solid integrity program, operated on the IT SaaS platform. 
  • elaborating & implementing a sustainable business model.