Schools and regions with a low socio-economic index are often in need of teachers. Headmasters are almost desperate to find teachers and students sometimes remain for long periods without lessons. Even if they find teachers, almost one in two new recruits quits in their first five years because of how challenging their work is. Retaining talent is difficult. 

Headmasters have to face this reality and are often unprepared for it. They need new skills to recruit teachers, to support them during their first years of employment and to establish school management systems that provide new recruits with space for professional development. 

The project will build upon the ongoing Certi4Headmasters Erasmus+ project focusing on exchanging experience among Headmasters on best practices to recruit, select and support their new teachers; and how to adapt the way they manage their school to give those new teachers enough room for professional development.

For this project, EFCoCert is looking for partners with the following profiles:

  • Project coordinator
  • School Headmaster international professional association or federation
  • Social integration and inclusion NGOs
  • Personal certification bodies
  • Recruitment professionals