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Your premium partner for developing competence certification schemes within EU funded projects.


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Offering a relevant added value to the proposal

The partnership includes a partner from a third country not associated to the Programme (EFCoCert, Switzerland), whose participation is relevant and well justified, given its experience in achieving the certification objective, offering a relevant added value to the proposal.

2022, Spain

Competence certification schemes

The partnership includes a Swiss organisation (EFCoCert) fully justified by its unique contribution to the project as expert in competence certification schemes for non-regulated professions in Europe.

Portugal, 2021

EU Projects


Competence certification & ERASMUS+ projects

Evaluators are more and more aware of the crucial importance of adding a recognition and certification dimension in complement to training courses and curricula dedicated to acquire and enhance any set of competences, skills and good practices.

Involving EFCoCert’s unique expertise for developing a recognition and certification system of the acquired competences significantly increases the success rate of the applications (80% success rate on 2021 applications).

Are you preparing a project idea for the next Erasmus+ call?

Do not miss the competence certification dimension and integrate EFCoCert in your future winning team! Convinced or just interested to investigate a bit further?

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Kick-off meeting of the KA2 ECO-TAG project – Achieving sustainable culinary centres

November 21st, 2022|

November 17th 2022 EFCoCert Foundation (Florence Le Lann & Dr Didier Blanc) participated as full partner to the kick-off meeting of the new Erasmus+ KA2 ECO-TAG project. In the stream of the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals, the projects aims to provide awareness, training, good practices and certification on specific knowledge on sustainability in culinary centres. As in all other Erasmus+ projects in which it is involved, EFCoCert will be in charge of the work package dedicated to the development of the competence certification, based on the open badge recognition [...]

EU Trainer Competence Certification

The following Adult Trainers are certified against the EU Trainer competence certification scheme developed by EFCoCert in the framework of an Erasmus+ KA2 project. For more information please visit the project website

EU Trainer CB First name Last name Country Date of end of validity
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert Karine Maurer LU 31/10/2025
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert François Pelletier LU 07/03/2026
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert Jean-Marc Fonjallaz CH 17/04/2022
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert Françoise Robellaz CH 17/04/2022
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert Sabrina Dalla Palma CH 17/05/2023
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert Philippe Umberti CH 14/04/2025
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert Bart Roels BE 25/03/2023
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert Christophe Tacel FR 04/07/2023
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert Corinne Roux FR 10/11/2023
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert Hans Provoost BE 25/03/2023
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert Khaled Bari FR 25/03/2023
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert Michel Dejond BE 04/07/2023
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert Nicolas Depraetere BE 10/11/2023
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert Ophélie Bouchard FR 04/07/2023
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert Stéphanie Laitem BE 04/07/2023
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert Arnaud Gosse FR 07/10/2025
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert Michaël Fodale BE 07/10/2025
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert Nathalie Lochten FR 07/10/2025
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert Toon D’Hoedt BE 07/10/2025
EFCOCERT 1001 EdelCert Yann Figuier FR 07/10/2025
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