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Since 2014 EFCoCert (European Foundation for Competence Certification) is committed to support implementation of EU Education policies & lifelong learning objectives and horizon, in which:

  • Job profiles appear, evolve, vanish so quickly that formal training system / offer cannot follow
  • Lifelong learning is essential to adapt to a constantly changing labour world
  • Soft skills and side abilities become more important than diploma and CV for a good match
  • Non-formal & informal learning are key EU priorities, calling for recognition / validation
  • Knowing doesn’t mean ability to do, apply, perform, achieve – competence does
  • Competence is now understood as “ability to apply knowledge and skills to achieve intended results”
  • Achieving intended results by doing, irrelevant how you learned, is the only relevant finality

EU Projects


Competence certification & ERASMUS+ projects

Evaluators are more and more aware of the crucial importance of adding a recognition and certification dimension in complement to training courses and curricula dedicated to acquire and enhance any set of competences, skills and good practices.

Involving EFCoCert’s unique expertise for developing a recognition and certification system of the acquired competences significantly increases the success rate of the applications (80% success rate on 2021 applications).

Are you preparing a project idea for the next Erasmus+ call?

Do not miss the competence certification dimension and integrate EFCoCert in your future winning team! Convinced or just interested to investigate a bit further?


EFCoCert’s Certification Experience

The experience in training certification of one of the partners (EFCoCert Foundation) is intended to guide and support the micro-credentials design and certification, which is convincing.

2023, European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), Brussels, Belgium

Real added value

The inclusion of Swiss organization in the partnership is relevant and justified by the fact that the EFCoCert Foundation is the only organization in Europe to develop European certification schemes in compliance with ISO 17024, having a unique experience and the necessary skills to create certification based on micro-credentials of competences. In this way, the participation of this organization constitutes an important added value for the project.

Portugal, 2023

Recent News


Digital Wine Tasting training course in Offida (IT) – 4 places offered!

July 24th, 2023|

Started early 2022, the Erasmus+ funded D-Tasting project is dedicated to developing a training and certification system for competences necessary to propose digital wine tasting sessions. In the framework of this project, a training session will be organised in Offida (Marche region, Italy) from 19th to 21st September 2023 onsite (travel days on 18th and 22nd) . The programme can be downloaded here. EFCoCert Foundation, as partner of the project consortium, has the budget to invite 4 participants to this training event (700 € per participant, for travel and [...]

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